providing industry leaders with the finest interactive robots in the world.

IRI Robots are the combined result of superior design, engineering, ergonomics, proprietary features, and a seasoned communication psychology. All of this was the direct result of IRI's pioneering background in developing interactive communications devices for education, diagnostic, prescriptive, and therapeutic work (click on WHO ARE WE? for specifics).

The IRI CLIENT LIST attests to our level of excellence in the emerging field of Techno-Marketing™ - a field we pioneered. IRI Robots are renowned for their appearance, unprecedented engineering integrity, multi-lingual capabilities, wit and eloquence.

We would not have lasted 5 minutes let alone 30 years unless this were true.

Our adult-sized robots immediately command attention whether it's among corporate leaders or in a children's hospital. Why? Because they make people laugh. And relax. And marvel. This leads to a more successful acceptance of your message and even more importantly, its retention.

Whether you need us for a staged/scripted presentation at your business seminar or stage, film/theatrical presentation; whether you want to create an unforgettable experience at your next trade-show exhibit, conference, nationwide promotion, etc., IRI robots - and their team of multi-lingual highly skilled performer/operators - are available anywhere, any time, and in any language.

Aside from our rental units, we also offer limitless custom design possibilities to those wishing to own an IRI Robot personality or Mascot. If you need guidance in deciding which technology will best serve your needs, go to HELP ME CHOOSE.

Now go enjoy yourself.


 (Custom & Rental)

Simply the most advanced interactive, human-shaped Animatronic Robot, this technology has been produced as the first advanced Animatronic Robot capable of traveling and appearing at business and promotional events throughout the globe, with minimal set-up time, unparalleled reliability, and very low maintenance requirements. The AnthroBot either delivers a programmed presentation or interacts live in real-time. With the help of the IRI team of expert entertainers/operators, live presentations are delivered by Tele-Presence. The male or female entertainer wears an Exo-Skeleton Body-Sensor suit and Virtual-Reality helmet in a remote hidden location, also manipulating numerous computer assisted programming, voice and special effects devices. Form his/her remote location, the entertainer simply sees/hears the audience inside their Virtual Reality Helmet through the eyes and ears of the Robot, then interacts with that audience in real time by simply moving their own body and speaking, while accessing an extensive library of computer generated musical, voice and sound effects. On stage, the Robot instantly replicates the operator's movements to deliver a flawless and mystifying performance. The AnthroBot is an exhibit manager's dream. This new technology operates with the revolutionary new "Aquadraulics" system, utilizing plain water instead of hydraulic fluid for simpler, and more reliable, extremely low-maintenance performance. Fully self-contained, the AnthroBot sets up in record time and is simply plugged into a regular 110V/220V AC line. No air, water or hydraulic compressors or in-house lines need to be supplied. AnthroBots are the first of their kind exclusively developed to perform live in leisure/entertainment environments, trade shows, business meetings, etc. It has long been known in the Animatronic Industry that such robots are so intricate in their design and operation that they require intensive maintenance supervisions and are expected to experience "down-time" on a regular basis. The AnthroBot has revolutionized the industry by traveling with leading multinational corporations across the US and to far out places such as Dubai, Germany, Turkey, China, Thailand, Japan, Holland, Switzerland, etc. It has to date never missed a single performance nor experienced any major technical difficulty. The entire system travels with one technician, one show manager, and one entertainer. If you want to amaze your audiences, attract much media attention, and command the attention of the most jaded technical or business groups, the AnthroBot is the Robot of choice.

An example of IRI's creative abilities in concept development, theming and design. this Anthropomorphic Robot with Tele-Presence was conceived as a permanent show for a major shopping center. Techs is housed in a futuristic stage called "The Black Hole Café" and interacts live with visiting consumers, able to take requests for Country & Western songs which it instantly delivers in the voice of the spectator's preferred performer. This futuristic theme, located at the 100 Oaks Mall in Nashville TN takes full advantage of the great affection consumers from Tennessee have for Country & Western music. A perfect example of how Techno-Marketing™ and Theming can be combined to increase and extend consumer attendance inside a retail environment.



The Dynamic Duo: Superb performers in sophisticated, electronically-enhanced robotic costumes. Performances can be delivered indoors or out, on a stage, in a mall, theme park or at a business event…literally any environment. Utterly captivating, tender and comedic, Adam and Eve are consummate professionals, having successfully performed for major clients all over the world. One cannot fail to succumb to their charm. Their robotic mimicry is so consistent, so effective, it is difficult to believe they are human performers. Costumes are specially engineered to include power supplies, sound system, visual effects, microprocessor controlled digital sound-effects, voice recordings and musical segments. This instrumentation is skillfully and invisibly triggered by the entertainers during the course of their interaction or staged performances


Performer in a nine-foot tall electronic costume. Can perform anywhere, but don't let Rock-It's nine-foot stature intimidate you; this robot is a sweet giant certain to win the hearts of audiences of any age. Despite his size, his mannerisms are quite gentle. Rock-It loves to have his picture taken with you, and Polaroid giveaways with your product or logo make this performer a cost-effective promotional choice. Rock-it is also equipped with a sophisticated array of on-board voice synthesizers, sound-effects, digital musical files, etc.


(“see-co”)   (Rental)

A concept invented by International Robotics, Inc. and combining over 30 years of experience in the fields of communication psychology, education, therapy, education, engineering and design, Communication Robots are heads and shoulders above all other remote-controlled roll-arounds. The world-class designs and unparalleled reliability (low-maintenance) are specifically meant for taking on such important roles as mascots, hosts, entertainers and powerful marketing/PR tools. For the first time ever, the new Custom IRI-3000 Communication Robot offers you the option of a fully programmable, automated machine and/or a remote-controlled live-action character. Our proprietarily designed passenger-carrying platform enables your robot mascot to also offer rides and to transport/or dance with guests. Our exclusive miniaturized, microprocessor-assisted, and fully concealed wireless remote-control system enables our entertainers to transparently operate the characters in full view of your unsuspecting audiences, from 2 feet or 200 feet away. These robots can be rented/leased short or long-term with our highly skilled, multi-lingual, professional comedian/operators, or you may request a custom designed robot to your exact specifications. A communication robot from IRI is one of the most powerful Techno-Marketing™ tools you can use. Mobility, reliability, ease of transport, and remarkable communication skills will permit you to comfortably interact with any segment of society - including the media, government officials and VIPs. As impressive futuristic icons, these adult-size robotic mascots are the perfect entertainment and communications tool for the 21st Century. Shown here in #5 is Sico ("see-co"), the most popular Communication robot in history who has represented many of the largest corporations, starred in film, stage, TV, music videos, concert tours, as well as making special guest appearances in the finest Amusement Parks in the world, including Disney, Six-Flags, Futuroscope, Park Asterix, etc.


Here is yet another member of the SICO family. Robots are instantly recognizable icons of futurism that suggest technological advancement and savvy, and the excitement of the new. They satisfy the public's fascination for the "world of tomorrow" and their non-human status affords them the rare opportunity to overcome the restrictions of social protocol, bonding with your target audience in the friendliest and most intimate manner, generating consumer loyalty as well as interest for any licensing or merchandising program that your robot may be associated with. But being an icon is not enough to ensure success in a fiercely competitive marketplace. Communication Robots from IRI not only draw attention, they also make any event memorable by, yes, communicating. While underscoring your leadership status by using such a sophisticated business tool, you are also employing a seasoned veteran for press conferences, product launches, meetings, seminars, stage presentations, modeling sessions, films, opening ceremonies and goodwill tours.


Another member of the SICO family. Communication Robots excel in visual and technological presence. IRI robots are built to function with minimal maintenance and to travel overnight to any point in the world. Eloquent spokespersons in any environment, these business/entertainment tools can also support your public image by conducting goodwill visits to local children's hospitals, schools, clinics, etc. Over 30 years ago, IRI pioneered the use of surrogate, interactive robots as diagnostic, prescriptive and remedial tools for the learning disabled, autistic, and mentally challenged persons. It is a well known fact that IRI Robots not only shine in appearance, durability and functions, but also in their ability to remain sensitive to any age, social or ethnic group, communicating in various languages, always showing uncommon humanitarianism, wit, compassion and admiration for humankind. No technology is more ideally suited to help you make your entry into the 21st Century.

Currently under development, this robot will be by far the most advanced in the SICO series. Sico Millennia features a radically different engineering approach: a pivoting waist and new proprietary head mechanism. Like the world's first fully programmable roll-around entertainment robot which IRI created for the General Electric Pavilion at Walt Disney's EPCOT over 15 years ago, the Sico Millennia will also be programmable, which means that it has the option of operating in staged or scripted venues, delivering entire shows without requiring a robot operator. Of course, you still retain the option to operate Sico Millennia in a "live" mode, using IRI's proprietary wireless command system.



The perfect choice for those who desire a robotic costume entertainer on a limited budget. Worn by a trained performer, these simple robotic costumes are fun walk-arounds and great for those souvenir photos. For the more upscale and professionally entertaining version of this technology, please go to "Robotic Performers ."

If a "cuddly robot" is what you need, then choose one of these custom-designed, and more economical, inflatable robotic costumes. Worn and operated by a person from the inside, the inflated costume is ideal for very young audiences and includes internal sound system, cooling fan and voice synthesizer. Have you hugged a robot lately? Inflatable Robotic Costumes can be produced in male, female, and alien versions, or even themed to a specific era or environment within any business, product, industry or themed property. We will also assist you in the auditioning and training of performers. Robotic costumes can be fabricated as children, standard adult-size or up to 9 feet tall!

Electronic Robotic Costumes can be produced in male, female, and alien versions, or even themed to a specific era or environment within any business, product, industry or themed property.  These costumes arrive in fully padded transportation cases with a limited on-site maintenance program.  We will also assist you in the auditioning and training of performers. Robotic costumes can be fabricated as standard adult-size or up to 9 feet tall!


IRI proudly announces the creation of a brand new type of remote-controlled, mobile interactive robotic technology - the IRI-3000 and IRI-4000. New engineering and fabrication methods have been developed to produce this latest generation robot at a fraction of the cost of our world-renown "SICO"-type, passenger-carrying robotic personalities. You may now purchase your own IRI-3000 standard design, as shown, or IRI will design and engineer your own exclusive outer-body form to fit over the IRI-3000 internal structure and mechanism. IRI is known for its engineering integrity and longevity. IRI-3000 and other Communication Robots/Mascots will give you decades of reliable service. Did you know that 99% of all robots produced by IRI over the past 30 years are still in operation today?. Quite a record isn't it.

How long will it take to get your IRI-3000? 90 to 160 days from final approval of design, depending on time of order and features desired. As with our exclusive Communication Robot, "Sico", this new IRI-3000 robotic technology and the optional features, which comprise the more elaborate IRI-4000 version (see Sico Millennia), offer all of the same popular features and integrity you have come to expect from us. This new technology also makes use of the latest advances in fabrication, design, engineering, polymers and alloys, miniaturized electronics and the world famous, IRI-proprietary, pocket-sized, remote-control system.

This techno-mascot was built for Pulsations Nightclub in the United States, a nightclub also conceptualized, themed and designed, as well as constructed, by IRI and its affiliates. This combination disco/restaurant/nightclub was part of an exciting Techno-Marketing™ environment that included a fully animated, descending UFO, an earthquake-like effect throughout the building, and many other unique features. Pulsation also rented its facility for corporate events and the Robot Pulsar was always on hand to host such events.

Built as a Techno-Mascot for the Six Flags Amusement Parks company. As an owner and operator of a custom robot, you can assign it to any number of marketing, sales, licensing and merchandising activities. Community activities, which we vigorously encourage, will help establish your robot character's visibility to the general public and the media. The Six-Flags Sci-Fi Robot will often visit local shopping malls, schools, etc. attracting much attention back to his owners properties.

Built as a techno-mascot which was used extensively by the USA Network's Sci-Fi Channel as well as by SONY Corporation for a wonderful industrial video on industrial robotics. Although very sophisticated, much care is invested in our custom robots…they are built to survive demanding environments: schools, malls, amusement parks, trade shows and sports events.

This techno-mascot was created many years ago for the General Electric Pavilion at Walt Disney's EPCOT Center. Gero had the unique distinction of being the first roll-around robot of its kind to be fully computerized and programmable for automated performances, as well as to act as an electric vehicle with a multiple-passenger platform at the rear.


A custom designed Animatronic character can be literally anything you wish: robot, insect, alien, etc. There are also a number of different engineering approaches to creating an Animatronic character, depending upon preferences, available maintenance support at the site, and your budget. Typically Animatronic characters perform in a fixed position on a stage and deliver a pre-programmed speech or presentation, controlled by a computer and power source located under the stage or in a nearby room. They operate according to pre-set programs and schedules, and their movements are synchronized to a looped (repeating) soundtrack. While Animatronic systems typically operate from air or hydraulic power sources, this unit was unique in that it was entirely controlled by electric motors.

This is "Mack the Night," an Animatronic replica of a famous character conceived by McDonald's for a series of popular TV Commercials. This piano-playing unit was synchronized to music and entertained patrons in some of the more upscale McDonald's restaurants.

Imagine an entire orchestra of animatronic musicians!  This unique electric system was conceived to work as a fully programmed or live interaction musical entertainer.  Entire orchestras are possible.

IRI offers remote-controlled mobile characters like the Rhino Beetle shown here.  Imagine several robotic insects, for example, moving as a group…it’s a bug invasion!  Smashing fun.


These magnificent cyber sculptures for corporate, museum, exhibit and amusement display (indoor or out) are composed of over 2000 recycled machine parts!  A distinguishing feature of these exceptionally well-crafted sculptures is that they are themed to an idea, i.e. planetary harmony, recycling, conservation, the spirit of creativity etc.  The finished work reaches impressive heights: 9 to 20 feet tall.

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"When being the best matters the most." Welcome the Millennium with a custom-designed robot from IRI. The non-human characteristics of these adult-size machines make it possible for the character to adjust and appeal to any social, ethnic, or age group. A robot with this level of engineering represents the very best in its category throughout the world and is certain to help position your company as an industry leader. The tremendous ease and flexibility of transportation and the timely public appeal for these futuristic icons, combined with the above multiplicity of applications, make IRI robots an incredibly versatile and all-encompassing sales, marketing and PR tool.