Whether you want to glide on a cushion of air, remotely transmit sound waves into the heads of spectators, cool your guests on a hot summer day while they are queuing up for a ride, or operate a robot by Tele-presence, the pioneers of Techno-Marketing™ at IRI are once again maintaining their status as one of the world's largest source of Cutting-Edge Technologies, Special F/X, Futuristic Icons, Techno-Art, and Advanced Interactive Robotic Systems for Marketing, Communication, Entertainment and Education.

In today's uncertain economy and increasingly more competitive markets, the company has quadrupled its efforts to supply an even greater volume of trend-setting products to assist the Leisure and Entertainment industry in investing more wisely in concepts which are more apt to capture the interest of today's more jaded and more selective consumer audiences. With 30 years of experience in the somewhat unique field of Technology-to-People Behavioral Psychology for Education, Rehabilitation and Marketing, IRI has developed a following of loyal customers by delivering not only the most innovative technologies, but also the methods by which users can communicate their message through those technologies.

COMPANY BACKGROUND: International Robotics, Inc. is a 30-year-old research and development group composed of a global network of scientists, physicists, engineers, inventors, and techno-artists. IRI also provides services in such related disciplines as Concept Development, Theming, Design, Consulting, Licensing, and Marketing. IRI and Techno-Marketing International are headquartered in New York City, USA and maintain a Techno-Marketing™ Showroom, which is a permanent exhibit of some of its more innovative technologies. The Showroom is available by appointment only.

Please Use Jump Station for Specific Technologies



1) Hypersonic Sound-Beam
Your audio engineers will tell you such feat is impossible and in defiance of the laws of nature; International Robotics is proud to demonstrate the impossible by remotely transmitting tightly focused sound waves, aimed specifically at any object, sculpture, wall, ceiling, floor and other surfaces, including one or more people. The Hypersonic Sound Waves travel silently through space, up to 300 feet away, then convert into an instant sound source whatever surface they impact. Amazingly, if you aim this magical device at a person, their head will become a speaker, and they will hear your message "inside" their head. Hard to believe?

What is the Sound Beam?
The Hypersonic Sound Beam Technology is simply the most revolutionary sound reproduction system of this century, which allows you to remotely, and magically place sound "wherever you want it" up to 300' away by simply "sending" the sound waves through space!

The sound only becomes apparent to the listener when the traveling sound waves have made impact with a surface, be it material, organic, or human. For example, if the Sound Beam is used in a large exhibit space, and aimed in one particular direction (let's say: a product, display, painting, etc., the visitors standing in that immediate area will notice the sound emanating from the surfaces within that targeted area, while others located elsewhere in the space will not be impacted by the otherwise fully radiating sound of a traditional loudspeaker. More to the point, and unlike a parabolic sound focusing device, the Sound Beam is a flat transducer system, which can easily and unobtrusively be mounted on ceilings, walls, or floors, aimed to secretly impact the surfaces where the sound is desirable.

How does it work?
The basic operating principal of the Sound Beam uses a property of air known as "non-linearity". A normal sound wave (like someone talking) is a small pressure wave that travels through the air. As the pressure goes up and down, the "non-linear" nature of the air itself causes the sound wave to be changed slightly. If you change a sound wave, new sounds (frequencies) are formed within the wave. Therefore, if we know how the air affects the sound waves, we can predict exactly what new frequencies (sounds) will be added into the sound wave by the air itself. An ultrasonic (beyond the range of human hearing) sound wave can be sent into the air with sufficient volume to cause the air to create these new frequencies. Since we cannot hear the ultrasonic sound, we only hear the new sounds that are formed by the non-linear action of the air.

Some ideas for Sound Beam applications:
Automobiles -In-dash Sound Beam for private hands-free Cell Phone conversations. Audio/Video Conferencing - Project the audio from a conference in different languages, from a single central device, without headphones. Paging Systems - Direct announcements to specific areas. Retail Sales - Aim targeted advertising directly at the point of purchase. Drive Through Ordering - Direct communications with a motorist without disrupting others nearby. Safety Officials - Portable "bull horn" type device for communicating with a specific person or group. Military Applications - Ship-to-ship communications, ship-board announcements. Toys - Hand-held toy for kids to secretly communicate across the street from each other. Public Announcements - Highly focused announcements in noisy environments such as subways, airports, amusement parks, train stations, traffic intersections. Museums - Step on a floor spot labeled for a specific type of information or language, then magically hear the needed information without noticing the apparent source. A painting, sculpture or artifact describing themselves. Sports - Focus sound into a crowd of people on a football field and talk only to a selected few. Emergency Rescues - Rescuers communicate with endangered people far from reach.

















3) What are the specs for a AIRBOARD™?

Diameter: 1600 mm (6 ft 3ins)
Height incl. handle: 1200 mm (4 ft 0 ins)
Deck height: (no handle) 300 mm (1ft 0 ins)

Control & Performance
Top speed: Asphalt surface 25km/h (15mph) subject to conditions, Incline/ascent: Up to 5%, Maximum obstacle height: 40mm (1-1/2 ins), Steering: By weight shift, Braking: By weight shift & throttle release, Hand Controls: Throttle, clutch, Safety cut off: Deadman engine idle , Emergency cut off: safety lanyard to engine kill switch.







1) How does the AIRBOARD™ work?
The exciting and new Hovering Scooter uses Hovercraft air cushion principles to glide just above the ground. The air cushion is generated from a uniquely designed engine and fan, which are suspended below the Hovering Scooter shell. In addition to providing an air cushion for the Hovering Scooter to ride on the fan also provides a fast stream of air exiting from the rear of the craft to provide forward thrust - just like a hovercraft. To help provide better acceleration the Hovering Scooter also includes a unique friction drive wheel at the rear of the craft. When the rider wishes to accelerate forward, weight transfer of the body towards the rear of the craft is used to bring the friction drive into contact with the ground. By engaging the friction drive clutch in this manner, the Hovering Scooter can be accelerated forward without losing the feel of hovering above the ground. The control of the Hovering Scooter is provided by weight transfer of the rider, similar to surfboards, skate boards and snow boards. In operation the Hovering Scooter can be started, stopped and steered in a controlled manner and this means that riders can perform stunts, trick maneuvers and race around tight tracks against each other. In this unique way the Hovering Scooter is the first ever vehicle to deliver the advantages of hovercraft vehicle without the disadvantages of poor acceleration and handling.
Click image for MPEG video clip

2) How safe is the AIRBOARD™?
When the AIRBOARD™ is used in strict accordance with the manufacturers recommendations, it is very safe to use and ride. The recommended practices are detailed fully in the Operations and Maintenance Manual, which is delivered with each AIRBOARD™. These recommendations include the following:

· The AIRBOARD™ must be used on Private Property
· The AIRBOARD™ must be used on level ground which is free from loose material such as sand, stones, sticks, leaves, refuse, raised bumps, etc.
· The AIRBOARD™ must be used on open ground free of obstacles, which pose a collision risk, such as trees, walls, curbs, spectators, etc.
· The AIRBOARD™ rider must wear protective clothing, elbow and knee-pads, helmet and eye protection.
· Spectators must stay a safe distance from operating AIRBOARDS™, and riders must refrain from riding close to where spectators are standing or walking.
· The AIRBOARD'S™ center of gravity is so low it is virtually impossible to tip over, and in addition, the Hovering Scooter handlebars provide a positive hold point for the rider.
· The handle includes levers that control the engine speed and the friction drive clutch. Both of these levers are spring return to neutral so that the AIRBOARD™ will automatically stop when the rider lets go of the handlebars. The handle also includes a engine stop switch (kill switch) for extra safety, similar to those used on water-jet recreational vehicles.
· As with any moving craft or device, Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) must be used such as helmet, safe fully enclosed shoes, long sleeve shirts or tops and safety eye protection, knee and elbow pads.

4) Where and how is the AIRBOARD™ made?
The AIRBOARD™is made in Australia in a manufacturing plant where each of the specially designed components are prepared and assembled by hand. Each and every AIRBOARD™ is individually tested before it is delivered to you, so that we know it is operating correctly.

5) How fast will the AIRBOARD™ go and how do you stop?
Because the AIRBOARD™ is used on flat ground your speed is limited by the wind resistance that the rider and board present compared to the combined air and friction-wheel thrust. In addition different riding surfaces have different resistance factors (for example grass compared to concrete). For an average rider in still air conditions (no wind), riding on smooth surfaces, the AIRBOARD™ speed is limited to approx 15 miles per hour (25 Kilometers per hour). Where there is a slight wind, the AIRBOARD™ speed upwind will be slower and downwind will be faster. It is virtually impossible for the AIRBOARD™ to travel faster than 18 mph (30 km) per hour, which is a similar speed to some electric stand-on scooters. The speeds at which the Hovering Scooter travels at is a safe speed; however Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) must still be worn in case you were to ever fall off the board when attempting fast cornering or trick maneuvers or were stopped abruptly by an obstacle. Stopping the AIRBOARD™ is easy - just release the levers on the handle bar and it will quickly slide to a halt. From top speed, it will usually take just a few yards (meters) to stop in a straight line however skilled riders prefer to stop faster in a sliding turn - just like in snow skiing and snow boarding.
6) How is the AIRBOARD™ Controlled?
The AIRBOARD™ handlebars include two control levers - one for the engine/fan speed and the second for the friction drive clutch. In addition to using these two levers, the AIRBOARD™ rider uses weight transfer (shifting one's body weight), to steer the board to the left or right - very similar to a skateboard or snowboard.
By using differing degrees of weight transfer, the AIRBOARD™ can be made to respond in different ways - sharp or slow turns, fast 360 degree turns and sliding turns are all possible. As the riders' skills increase, so does the range of exciting maneuvers that can be performed.
7) What kind of fuel does the AIRBOARD™ use and how long will on tank last?

The AIRBOARD™ uses standard grade gasoline (85 Octane rating) and holds approximately 1.3 US Gallons (5 liters), which should last around one hour of normal riding.
8) How old must you be to ride and AIRBOARD™?
Because the AIRBOARD™ is so easy to ride almost anybody can ride in simple traverse style. As each rider gains experience, Freestyle and Race-style skills will be learned. However, it is our opinion that the AIRBOARD™ should only be ridden by people aged 14 and above since they have sufficient weight to transfer and steer the machine and also the basic understanding of how to use and maintain powered sports equipment. Riders also need to be at least 5 feet (1.3 meters) tall, so that they can comfortably reach and use the control levers.
9) Where can you ride the AIRBOARD™?
The AIRBOARD™ should be ridden on level ground and private property for maximum safety of both rider and spectators. Suitable surfaces for the AIRBOARD™ include grass, concrete, asphalt or packed dense materials. It is essential that the surface is not loose or littered with material that could be lifted by the airstream of the AIRBOARD™. In addition the surface must be able to withstand the combined AIRBOARD™ and rider weight in the stationary (non operating) condition. The AIRBOARD™ should NEVER be used on water or surfaces, which are unable to support the rider and machine. In some areas, groups of riders may choose to approach their local Town regulators to set aside an area suitable for AIRBOARD™ use. Unused parking lots, grassy open areas and old golf courses could all be used for AIRBOARD™. Where a AIRBOARD™ can be used is limited only by your imagination and your local regulations and ordinances. Above all, make your safety and that of other riders, spectators, and surrounding property, your first priority. Never allow yourself to ride in areas where the AIRBOARD™ could glide into object, obstacles or people. When you arrive at your riding area, create a demarcation, which will clearly define the areas where the Scooters will ride, and the areas where non-riders and spectators or other elements will have to remain during the riding process. Never allow yourself to break that rule, and always give yourself plenty of time and space to come to a stop. When unsure about something, either stop immediately, or do not ride, until the situation has been cleared. Also, always wear protective headgear, knee and elbow protection, and gloves. Such is the norm for any such sport, which involves physical activity and movement through space at the speeds your AIRBOARD™, is capable of achieving. Riding the AIRBOARD™ is tremendous fun, can be very simple, safe and enjoyable when practiced according to all the above standard safety rules. Breaking those rules can possibly result in harm to you, others, and to surrounding objects or property.
10) Is the AIRBOARD™ patented?

The AIRBOARD™ has been protected with both Patents and Design Registrations; which will help in the continued funding of research and development towards more innovative and exciting products. Without using this patented Intellectual Property cheap imitations of the AIRBOARD™ will not be able to perform the speed and control maneuvers that make the AIRBOARD™ so exclusive and so much fun to ride.

11) How big is an AIRBOARD™ and how much does it weigh?

The AIRBOARD™ is about 5 feet 3 inches (1.6 meters) in diameter and weighs just under 200Lbs (85 Kgs). The rider platform on the AIRBOARD™ is only 12 inches (300 mm) from the ground, which makes the AIRBOARD™ so safe and easy to use because of its extremely low center of gravity.
12) How many people can the AIRBOARD™ carry?

The Hovering Scooter is not recommended to carry more than one person since its performance and speed may be less than optimal with the extra weight. In addition an extra person can make the control and steering more difficult than with a single rider.

13) Is the AIRBOARD™ easy to maintain?

When you purchase a Hovering Scooter you also get a comprehensive maintenance manual and tool kit containing essential tools for maintaining the board. The largest component of the AIRBOARD™ is the engine, which needs periodic servicing by an authorized service agent. Fortunately the AIRBOARD™ engine is made by one of the worlds biggest manufacturers and there are many thousands of service centers around the world. Finding a service agent near your home will not be difficult. Apart from the engine there are only a few small parts that need periodic replacement. We call these components' consumable parts and these are available from us for a very modest sum. If you have accidentally caused some damage to your AIRBOARD™ and/or are unable to repair or replace a part on your own, you can always ship the Scooter to our North American Repair and Maintenance Center in Battle Creek Michigan.

14) Does the AIRBOARD™ go on water?
No! The AIRBOARD™ is not designed for use on water. It can be used on wet or soft surfaces provided they can support the total weight of board and rider. For more information on where the AIRBOARD™ can be used please return to the answers to question # 9.

15) What colors does the AIRBOARD™ come in?

The AIRBOARD™ comes in Silver, Black and Blue as standard colors. For larger quantities (e.g. Corporate promotions) a wider range of colors are available and corporate logos can be applied during manufacture. What a great way to entertain your staff and clients at your next retreat! If required the AIRBOARD™ can be supplied with special purpose flagpoles and corporate emblems that will really impress your clients and visitors.
16) Do you need lessons to learn how to ride?

You do not require formal training before riding the AIRBOARD™ other than carefully reading and following the instructions provided. Most people can learn to ride competently within half an hour of use. Best of all, the AIRBOARD™ is suitable for those people who may have difficulty with sports such as skateboarding and snowboarding. The AIRBOARD™ provides a new experience and sensation at a much higher level of safety than alternatives. Make sure you master the basic control skills before attempting more adventurous riding or trick maneuvers. As with any other recreational concept involving physical activity and movement through any space, you should always take things slowly at first, ensuring your safety and that of others. Progress at your own pace, always making sure that you are competent enough to make a particular maneuver or achieve a particular direction or speed. Soon, you will find yourself enjoying the AIRBOARD™ to the amazement and enjoyment of many onlookers.
17) What tricks can I do on an AIRBOARD™?

Once the basic control skills are mastered the number of tricks you can perform is limited by your own imagination. Many maneuvers are possible some of which are, 360 degree spins, sliding stops and turns, zigzag movements, obstacle negotiation etc. It is fun to set up some Road Marks or lightweight objects on your hovering terrain to define a track to follow. Race a friend on their Hovering Scooter or simply do time trials to improve your speed and handling skills. Don't be afraid to use the AIRBOARD™ on wet surfaces as new tricks and handling skills can be learned. Riding through shallow puddles can be a real buzz!
18) How does the AIRBOARD™ differ from a standard Hovercraft?

The AIRBOARD™ differs from hovercraft in that it has a drive wheel able to be selectively employed for acceleration and directional control. The AIRBOARD™ also has friction devices that can be used for steering and stopping. Using these features in combination is part of the thrill and pleasure of riding the AIRBOARD™.
19) What must I wear when I am riding an AIRBOARD™?
As with all recreational riding sports, you should wear head protection, eye and ear protection, elbow and knee protection, as well as footwear with friction soles. It is also strongly advised that you wear a long sleeved shirt and long trousers in case you should fall off your AIRBOARD™.
20) What must spectators do when watching an AIRBOARD™?

Spectators should stand well away from an operating AIRBOARD™. They are strongly advised to wear eye protection in case of flying dust and grit from the AIRBOARD™. Normal safety standard should be applied when operating moveable machinery in proximity to spectators.
21) Where can I buy a AIRBOARD™:

If you do not have a dealer in your area, you may contact us directly at
Alura Intelligent Products at the address below. We will direct you to your nearest dealer if there is one in your area, or you will be able to order the AIRBOARD™ directly from Alura. Alura Intelligent Products, Inc. / 611 Broadway, New York, NY 10012 | 1-212 529-1142 | fax 1-212 982-8000 | eMail:
22) Can I become a Dealer of the AIRBOARD™?

Yes, but there are limited Dealerships available, so please contact
Alura Intelligent Products to see if there are any Dealerships available in your area. Only serious inquiries please. Dealers are required to purchase a stock of AIRBOARD™ to establish their Dealership rights, based on the geographic area where they will operate.

General Information:
· Total payload, incl. rider: 100kg (220 lb)
· Operating time: 1 hour on full tank of fuel
· Construction: Fiberglass/High-impact plastic shell, aluminum frame; rubber skirt
· Finish color: Available in Silver, Blue or Black; custom colors available upon request
· Starting: Electric key-start, Battery included
· Engine: Briggs & Stratton 4-stroke
· Fuel tank capacity: 5 liter (1.3 US gal)
· Fuel type: 85 Octane unleaded
· Approximate shipping weight: (TBC) 150kg (330 lb) incl. shipping package
· Approximate shipping package size (TBC): 800mm H x 1800mm W x 1800mm L (32 ins H x 6 ft W x 6ft L)
· Assembly required: 1) Install/bolt handle, 2) Attach battery lead & fill with electrolyte, 3) Add fuel


MPEG Video clips: 1. 2,


For the first time ever, Amusement Park Operators have witnessed the world's first plug & play hydraulic Animatronic Robot which functions on plain water, and can interact live when operated with its optional Tele-Presence Exoskeleton Body-Sensor Suit. More exciting still is the fact that this new technology breaks new ground in being extremely compact, using tiny individual compressors for each body-motion, and by requiring minimal maintenance. So come talk with this robot and be amazed.

How does the Anthrobot work? What is it that causes people to feel so attracted and fascinated by this amazing blue-eyed robot? It is the illusion of a machine that appears to be alive. We are able to create this illusion by using a technology that was originally developed for virtual reality applications. The robot is actually controlled by a live operator who is wearing a special device called an endo-skeleton body-sensor suit.
This sensor suit measures the motions of the operator and it is connected to the robot's control system, which allows Max (the Robot on stage) to follow the movements in real time. A virtual reality display placed over the operator's eyes allows her to see from the robot's point of view; and a set of highly directional microphones makes it possible to hear what the people in front of the robot are saying. The operator's voice is processed in real time to create Max's distinct sound. It is possible to electronically synthesize the operator's voice to make it change pitch and to create many unique robotic voice effects. In this particular case above, the Robot Max needed to be a Male Robot, so the woman operator's voice was electronically altered to sound like a man.
How complicated is it to use an Anthrobot in your Location?
Automobiles, Washing machines and Computers are all very sophisticated things, but you wouldn't think twice about their complexity because you don't need to. Same with Max, it is a very well tested technology and we provide a technician to take care of all the details. Your target audience enjoys the Show. There are many different ways you could integrate Max into your presentation. He can operate "stand alone" by way of a fully programmed presentation where all the body movements and speech have been previously recorded and are being played back automatically, or MAX can be operated in conjunction with a live actor in a scripted dialogue, or a combination of both. We can show you many ways that have been tried and tested or you can come up with something no one has ever thought of before and we will help you to make it all work.
Is it possible to run the Robot without a live operator?
The robot's control system has the capability to record the robot's motions along with sound so that it is possible to let the robot do a "canned spiel" when the operator is let out of the suit to have lunch etc. However, it is our experience that people will be harassing the robot and demanding that he answers to them during breaks, even when running in automatic mode. And if Max does not respond to them with any signs of life, people quickly become disinterested and leave.

All prices do not include packaging and shipping costs, traveling costs, engineers or technician costs when applicable, hotel/per-diem & ground travel expenses, etc. For more information about the Anthrobot: Anthropomorphic Robot


Sico Models



IRI-3000 with Custom Shell



4) COMMUNICATION ROBOTS: SICO | (Rental or Custom Purchase)

As the world's oldest and largest interactive robotic company, we invite you to consider the tremendous marketing and PR benefits of renting one of our many robotic mascots or having your own themed interactive robotic mascot developed for your future promotional projects. Our adult-sized multi-lingual robotic personalities are considered the "Rolls Royce" of this industry and are used by the world's largest organizations, corporations, and even governments, including the Olympic Committee and the White House, as well as former Mayor Giuliani, here in New York.

Conceived exclusively by International Robotics, with over 30 years of experience in the fields of communication psychology, education, therapy, education, engineering and design, Communication Robots are heads and shoulders above all other remote-controlled roll-arounds. The world-class designs and unparalleled reliability (low-maintenance) are specifically meant for taking on such important roles as mascots, hosts, entertainers and powerful marketing/PR tools. Our proprietarily designed passenger-carrying platform enables your robot mascot to also offer rides and/or dance with guests. Our exclusive miniaturized, microprocessor-assisted, and fully concealed wireless remote-control system enables our entertainers to transparently operate the characters in full view of your unsuspecting audiences, from 2 feet or 200 feet away. These robots can be rented/leased short or long term with our highly skilled multi-lingual professional comedian/operators, or you may request a custom designed robot to your exact specifications. A Communication Robot from IRI is one of the most powerful Techno-Marketing™ tools you can use. Mobility, reliability, ease of transport, and remarkable communication skills will permit you to comfortably interact with any segment of society - including the media, government officials and VIPs. As impressive futuristic icons, these robotic mascots are the perfect entertainment and communications tool for the 21st Century. Our celebrity robot SICO (see-co) has represented many of the largest corporations, starred in film, stage, TV, music videos, concert tours, as well as making special guest appearances in the finest amusement parks in the world, including Disney, Six-Flags, Futuroscope, Park Asterix, etc.


IRI's trademark adult-size and multi-lingual, interactive Robotic Mascots and Corporate Spokespersons have long been the workhorses of the industry. IRI's latest creation, (seen in bottom left picture with blue background) "Millennia," is a jewel, and dutifully played its role as the TILE 2002 Mascot. Beautifully crafted, this robot is programmable and has extraordinarily fluid movements. The head and body can fully rotate in opposite directions, mesmerizing audiences.

With a life span of several decades, and the ability to weather the physical demands of working in close proximity to people with minimal maintenance requirements, the new Millennia Series Robot combines the advantages of stationary animatronics (more upper body movement) with mobile remote-controlled technology (i.e., it can go anywhere).

Millennia represents the epitome of "roll around" technology. IRI's respected engineering and reliability, and decades of experience with "Technology-to-People Behavioral Psychology", have produced an elegant, highly interactive machine. With IRI's patented passenger-carrying platform, you can even dance with Millennia. All of IRI's communication robots can be leased or custom built to your specifications. There is no better tool to communicate more intimately and memorably with a target audience.

For more extensive information on Robot Millennia please visit MILLENNIA

For more information on Communication Robots: Communication Robots


5) HoloPro™ Transparent Glass Screens:
Experience this extraordinary, patented plate of
transparent glass which has the unique property of capturing the light from a projector and displaying still or video images clearly, under sunlight! Imagine such transparent glass suspended or free-standing in Amusement Parks displaying announcements, or acting as kiosks, or as shown at the Techno-Marketing™ exhibit, acting as a live interactive computer generated Cybernetic Character (#8) below, you can interact with in real time. HoloPro™ is a film irradiated with a refraction grid. This film is laminated between two special plates of glass. HoloPro™ consists of several holographic optical elements (HOE), which are arranged on one level, and is irradiated by a projector.

The projection on the HoloPro™ screen is made from a specific angle position. On the HoloPro™ screen only light from this stipulated angle is visible. With this direction-oriented projection, the surrounding light, which shines on the HoloPro™ screen from any other angle, has almost no effect on the picture quality. Compared to other projection surfaces, HoloPro™ screens have an eye-catching brilliance.

HoloPro™ screens have a captivating brilliance, which outshines any normal projection screen, since these scatter the projection light in all directions, thus making losses unavoidable. Another advantage of HoloPro™: in contrast to projection screens which scatter light, only the projection light is refracted and ambient light remains nearly unaffected. This property in particular makes HoloPro™ also interesting for projection by daylight.


7) Programmable Message Sphere
You've seen simpler versions of these round spheres inside of which, a rotating LED message seems to magically float. IRI presents the world's first multi-color programmable Message Sphere, capable of a larger display, and graphics. It is also possible to remotely re-program and update messages due to the Modem feature. It is programmable to display messages & Graphics in 8 colors, and over a much taller area of the globe due to the additional number of LEDs.

Click Here to view 15 MB video clip. (Windows Media Player)

Click Image for MPEG

9) Dancing Banners
Ask for our Video CD of this technology and you will see how amazing these dancing banners are for capturing the attention of people from very far away. These come in small or giant sizes, and will be seen from hundreds of feet away if desired.

The Stretch fabric carries your message, graphics or Logo, and special motors, which cause the Banners to stretch, twist and spin to music, provide the computer-controlled movement. It is possible to make these interactive as well.






For information on where to buy a Body-Kart in your area, please contact our New York City office at:
Alura Intelligent Products, Inc.

611 Broadway, New York, NY 10012

1-212 529-1142




It had to happen! The fast-paced world of technology has at long last produced the world's first motorized full body-hugging skateboard. Called Body-Kart, this marvel of engineering is certain to offer people of all age's hours upon hours of exhilarating fun. This is the newest form of transportation for the serious recreational enthusiast!
Direct from Europe, and exported exclusively by Alura Intelligent Products, the Body Kart is able to accept both the weight of teens or adults for a fun comfortable and long distance ride without the inconvenience of short-range electric motors whose rapid battery drain makes it nearly impossible to go the distance without having to cut your fun short for that incessant battery charge.
Body-Kart operates on a highly reliable and thoroughly proven unleaded-gas engine invented back in 1946 and used all over Europe ever since to power Bicycles. Depending on driving and surface conditions, the 1.4 quart gallon fuel tank gives you up to an amazing 45 mile range before you need to replenish the tiny fuel tank. But that's where the fun begins; the fuel is a simple mixture of 98% unleaded gasoline and 2% conventional engine oil similar to that used for powering lawn mowers and other garden equipment. You can therefore produce this simple fuel mixture anywhere in the country and ride for as long as you want without interrupting your fun. Because Body-Kart uses a motor, which is less than 50CCs, most States do not require any emission approval for this low emission engine, nor do you require a license plate or registration to operate the Body Kart (check your local Motor Vehicle department for rules and regulations in your area). Type of spark plug FP 5CR | Distance between (gap) electrodes 0, 4 mm

Length: 42 ½ inches
Width: 18 inches
Height: 20 inches at highest point at the rear
Weight: 77 pounds
Maximum weight load: 340 pounds
Rear main drive wheel is pneumatic tire:
Size: 12 ½ x 2 ¼
Pressure: 2 bar
Front wheels are large skateboard style wheels
engineered to flex and turn by body shift
2.95 Pints (1.4 liters)

BRAKE: Hand operated rear drum brake. Controlled by the lever on the Left handlebar.
SPEED: A safe but respectable 15 to 18 Mph
FUEL ECONOMY : An Astounding 35 to 45 miles between refills

Hours of video segments and images digitally stored on a computer's hard drive accessed on your Video Information Screens or Kiosks, which visitors can interact with using a novel fly-wheel control device to manually spin to and from any point in the video library in seconds, controlling in high-speed or slow motion, or simply pressing the Play button whenever they find a segment of interest to them.

Spin Browser™ is comprised of a software component that runs on a standard PC, in conjunction with a rugged hardware user interface. The Spin Browser™ software includes a highly optimized method for playback of compressed digital video at full image size, quality and frame rates, through arbitrary frame sequences determined on the fly. In most cases, clients provide video source footage on tape. We will then digitize and format this footage, providing the client with a complete Turnkey system including the computer and user interface. Typically, the user interfaces takes the form of a rotary dial, optionally with Table of Contents and Play buttons. More exotic custom user interfaces, such as environmental sensors (light, sound, temperature), as well as drum pads, floor sensors, and the like, are available upon request. Video content may come from any source, and may be up to tens of hours and hundreds of gigabytes in length.

Pricing for the Spin Browser™ system will vary according to amount of Video conversion as well as particular components. International Robotics, Inc. is happy to offer a special show package including:

·One Spin Browser™ user interface with the core functionality of a dial and two buttons. One button is intended for use in most/all of the Client's applications, and that is the 'Play with Audio' button and the second button represents that of the Table of Contents.· Computer with a standard stereo PC sound card for audio out. · Minimum of five (5) hard drive bays for future expansion capabilities including all necessary hard drives to accommodate the first ten hours of footage. · Maximum of 8 hours video conversion done after receiving the video footage from client. · Minimum* of four (4) times standard RAM.

12) Luminglas Displays
"You've probably seen or purchased our highly successful 20" or 12" consumer versions which are marketed by one of our Licensees all over the world. If you really want to impress your target audiences, let us make a custom size or shape for you, such as the giant 42" disc shown here, or how about a square, oval, triangle, or something in the shape of your logo, etc."

Experience one of our giant flat glass plasma displays. The innovative new flat glass design enables you to mount these flush on surfaces and walls, or to even make tables out of them. Touch and interact with them. We are capable of creating most shapes containing this wonderful effect and very often work the technology into conference tables, floors, signage and easy wall mountings.



Introduced by IRI for the first time at IAAPA a couple of years ago. This revolutionary new solid-state fiber optic technology enables you to add brightly colored and animated motion graphics to the surface of fabric, leather, vinyl, or most pliable materials.

Recently patented solid-state fiber-optic insertion and animation process is so compact and light weight that it can literally be inserted inside the lining of fabric to provide high-brightness displays, corporate logos, graphics and messages to trigger at will onto the surface of garments, shoes, toys, furniture, curtains, watchbands, government and security/emergency clothing, gigantic banners, etc. "Fabric and leather have found an ally to breathe new life into countless new markets" explains IRI's
CEO Robert Doornick. "With the new 'Fiber Optic Animated Motion Technology', it will now be possible for clothing manufacturers, fashion designers, automotive makers, toy companies, government agencies and industrialists to create an infinite variety of animated images and safety information to appear on fabric, vinyl's, plastics, leathers and other pliable materials.

From elegant points of shimmering white lights onto evening gowns, to the message of time on the fabric of a sleeve, from vital life signs displayed on an Astronaut's suit, to a giant TV covering the entire ground of a football stadium, from safety lights flashing on the vest of a school-crossing guard, to popular cartoon heroes racing across the surface of children's back-packs, from plus toys with animated facial features on the surface of soft fabric to sneakers whose entire surface comes alive with the manufacturer's logos, from dashboard instrument panels which reconfigure themselves or change colors, to GPS instructions appearing on the surface of the steering wheel, from night-time glowing scuba-diving gear to glowing lights embedded right into the fabric of camping tents, the new Fiber Optic Animated Motion technology is not about to run out of potential markets for the coming Millennium years."

"The technology is actually waterproof and can be warn in the rain or sent to the dry-cleaners," explains
Doornick. "It's even possible to integrate it right into ice, so that an entire ice skating rink becomes an advertising video screen during half-time. Never before has this concept been possible due to the size, weight, power and heat restrictions of animated fiber-optic displays." This new technology is accomplished by using durable fiber optics, LED light sources and compact solid-state programmable electronics, resulting in a dazzling display on the surface of fabric thanks to a proprietary process for permanently bonding the fibers to soft and pliable surfaces.

9-Volt Lithium batteries or smaller Button Cell batteries for up to 200 hours drive the tiny microprocessor between battery replacements, and the processor can be programmed for up to 20 minutes of non-repeat animation prior to recycling its visual displays. High brightness multi-color LEDs can produce up to 2 million colors.

Prior attempts at placing Fiber Optics on fabric limited the displays to simple blinking and sequencing. The new Fiber Optic Animated Motion Technology permits many superimposed displays to appear on the same area of a piece of material or leather, in dazzling colors and full animation sequences. In its second phase of development, the technology will permit full Video displays to be suspended from the sides of buildings or to be integrated into the construction of buildings, grounds, ceilings, etc. The company envisions other applications such as the first magazine with an animated cover page, dialing your preferred color on your dashboard display according to your mood, drapes that double as WEB TV displays. Already in production are Jackets with displays responding to sound, or communicating with other Jackets via wireless radio frequency signals. The sky is the limit.
All powered by a simple tiny battery.

Click Image for MPEG
Size 18,385 kb

14) Giant Volcano Towers
You've do doubt seen *Lava® Lamps in all the stores for years, IRI's new Giant Volcano Lamps are a complex and much larger version of these tabletop cousins, and they are just what the Techno-Marketing™ doctor ordered for commanding attention in any environment through Techno-Art.

This is truly a case where bigger is better. Huge globs of wax like material float several feet up through a glass chamber that comes in diameters of 4 or 6 inches and in heights up to 6 feet.


Click Image for MPEG
Size 1,336 kb

15) Water Walls
Water flows evenly down the surface of glass or mirrors, and images mysteriously appear through the water curtain. Let us design and produce for you an infinite variation of this beautiful water sculptures, from countertop versions, to freestanding models in any size, to entire wall sections, either curved or flat, with mirrored or clear surfaces, using any of your preferred sources for images, including slide projectors, light boxes, video projectors, CRT or computer monitors, or flat plasma screens.



16) UB-Kool
An amazing cell-phone size solid-state circuitry hand-held device which electronically turns into an ice-cube for instant cooling comfort under hot climates and temperatures, or for therapeutic cold application over injured muscles, or to combat hot flashes, etc. This is a great seller and it can be also used as a Corporate Gift. Uses simple AA batteries.


17) Magic Wand

This invention is a Toy Wand that is activated and controlled by a sequence of motions and/or positions of the wand itself while in the hand of an operator. When moved or positioned in a specific sequence of motions or through a specific set of positions (herein termed a "Spell"), the Wand will produce a resulting appealing display of lights or other actions, whose purpose is to amuse or help the Wand operator.

The toy wand comprises a casing, a means for detecting motion, and a means for providing a detectable response when motion has been detected. The response may be, for example, a sound , a light display, or to signal to another operator, another wand, or a remote device.


The Wand, in its preferred embodiment, is held by an operator, typically in one hand.

The Wand is then moved through a specific sequence of motions and/or positions.

When a specific sequence , a "Spell" has been successfully performed, to tolerances set by the Classify and Spell-decode functions of the wand, the Wand will recognize that fact and generate a unique response.

The response may be a display of lights, a sound, or the control of some object or some other effect.

In addition, the response, (light display for example), may be modified by motion or position of the wand during the display.


18) Oscillating Flashlight
Security has become a high-priority concern lately, and the new Oscillating Flashlight is what is needed for that added comfort zone for business and consumer buyers. A unique electromagnetic motor actually causes the reflector and high-power Xenon bulb to scan from right to left, thereby lighting up a considerably wider area of the darkness ahead of you.
The Oscillating Flashlight offers greater peace of mind. It is made of a rugged water resistant rubber housing. Press the main switch, and you get the conventional high-power beam of light. Press the Oscillating Switch, and the electromagnetic motor kicks in to cause the beam to scan rapidly from left to right. We could not keep these on the table at the Show.

International Robotics is proud to offer the new "Giant EcoSphere®, a miniature planetary ecological system inside a beautiful transparent sealed Sphere. Our ecosystems demonstrate in a most simplistic way the interdependence of animal and plant life with Earth's most precious element - water. These sculptures have been called science projects, the world's lowest maintenance pets, closed aquariums. They are in fact developments of space age technology initiated by NASA some years ago to demonstrate the possibility of a self-sustained ecosystem contained within its own closed atmosphere.

Since the first Exhibition EcoSphere™ was created we have offered a turnkey system complete with custom pedestals to match any color scheme or decor. Our designs involve working closely with the exhibit designers. We strongly recommend close collaboration with the exhibit designers at the conceptual stage of your program.

Considerations such as material, color scheme, and traffic level must be given to the design and construction of these custom pedestals used to support the Exhibition EcoSpheres™. We are able to produce many units to withstand low and high traffic areas from corporate office environments to extreme high traffic areas for millions of viewers. The basics are: A metal support stand, on A "Ring Seat" to support the glass appropriately. The custom-made glass sphere. The internal core of the sphere. The biologics (shrimp, algae, sea water mix). A color, material, or decor theme for the outer shell pedestal

All these items will come together as a world-class exhibit or display in your facility. Let us know what we can do to assist in your decision-making. We have full engineering and architectural capabilities to offer for any scale exhibit.

Product Pricing (Effective May 2001) Prices listed below include the sphere, the support ring, and the steel support pedestal, with exception; the 12" & 14" diameter units do not require a pedestal. Prices do not include an outer shell pedestal due to so many design options, materials, colors, etc. Installation costs vary due to location and complexity of site logistics. These are the Retail Prices. We must get our cost from Daniel Standard Pricing Basics - Support Pedestal Included - Uninstalled sphere DiameterCapacity/LitresStandard Height Price (Uninstalled)

20) Music-Composing Water Sculptures
IRI introduces the world's first example of a music-composing water sculpture, and everyone loved it at IAAPA.

Available customized versions come in large wall-sizes or ceiling mounted water sculptures consisting of randomly dripping drops of water making contact with electronic sensors to compose their own Music. Visitors interact with these Water Sculptures by accessing a large library of sound effects and musical compositions. Add your corporate logo or message to the sculpture, and here is another way to guarantee that your target audiences won't want to leave your environment.


This is the first system of its kind permitting fairly large displays


21) Holographic Projected Images of your product
We will work with your business or exhibit company to create unique designed cabinetry, which incorporates our magical technology to cause your product, logos and graphics to appear holographically onto our specially designed Optics.


21a) 360 degrees Solid Objects Holograms
Place an object inside the specially designed chamber of this device, and watch it appear on top of a table, which people can approach from any direction. The object is so crisp and solid that you'll swear it is really there, floating. Reach out to it from any direction, and watch in amazement as your hand passes right through it. Small versions of this technology have been marketed to the consumers in the past. We produce for you much larger variations, which are custom built to your needs. (Photo not available)



22) Robotic Dog
SONY first pioneered the concept of the small Robot Pet a few years ago with the introduction of Aibo® *, now, for 2002, International Robotics ups the ante with the introduction of the world's first Labrador-size computerized Robotic Pet, capable of actually carrying a small child on its back, and performing numerous tricks, including walking sideways, crawling, etc. Never with RoboDog bug you to take him out for that walk on a cold winter night, yet, he will prove to be one of the most loyal companions, and a fantastic draw at Science Museums, Corporate Events, Product Launches, Schools and Universities, etc.

The RoboDog-01 is a domestic quadruped robot, and is by far the largest and most powerful, legged robot available for sale in the world. RoboDog-01 has been designed from the outset to be fun to own. The development of a robot dog was a natural response to the proven demand for such products and also serves as a dramatic proof-of-concept for the engineering resources of IRI. It is also entirely appropriate to the human environment.

The RoboDog-01's brain is a miniature PC running the standard Windows® operating system - a first for any commercial robot - allowing the RD-01 to access to virtually limitless expansion and upgradability. The RD-01 uses wireless networking to link to its owners' PC, allowing it to be permanently on-line, giving it the versatility and functionality that consumers want from future domestic robots.

The RD-01 will have a number of operating modes: 1) In autonomous mode, the RD-01 will think and act for itself without the need for human intervention. In this mode, the RoboDog has its own decision-making ability and is intended to perform useful tasks as well as just being fun, which makes it a significant step forward from current technology. Its large size and high performance enables it to do things that other robots cannot, such as overcoming obstacles and navigating around a house or office. The primary user interface in autonomous mode is via voice recognition.

The RD-01 understands and acts on up to 60 verbal instructions. 2) In Explorer or avatar mode, the owner can take control of the RoboDog via voice command or remotely from their PC. An onboard camera allows the owner to log into the robot via the net and drive it around its environment by "Virtual-Presence," seeing through its eyes, hearing through its ears and so on.

*Aibo is a registered trademark of SONY corporation; Aibo is exclusively a product of SONY corporation



Dean Kamen, inventor of the
Segway, with IRI's
Millennia Robot

Click Image To Enlarge

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IRI is providing live demonstrations of the Segway worldwide in the Ford Motor Co. exhibits at international auto shows throughout the US and overseas. The Segway made its official entry into the leisure & entertainment industry at the TILE 2002 Conference. The response was unanimous, and the Human Transporter took home the coveted TILE Award for Best Technology!

Because the wheelbase is no wider than your shoulders, the Segway Human Transporter was extremely attractive to TILE visitors as a personnel carrier across amusement parks and other indoor/outdoor facilities. Many operators also expressed strong interest for renting Segways to park visitors, simply painting pathways around the park for riders to follow in a safe and organized manner. The intelligent electronic key allows each rider its own private code to start and operate the Segway. Due to its compact size and intuitive smart control system, the Human Transporter also has the potential to change the way we travel short distances around cities; it is the only vehicle of its kind that can be used both indoors or outdoors. The Segway can be ridden in mud, snow, sand, and over many sorts of uneven surfaces.

How does Segway HT move? Well, it doesn't have brakes or an accelerator, because it doesn't need them. TILE visitors were amazed to experience how, without any previous skills or preparation, they could acquire the basic skills to ride the Segway in less than 15 seconds. What the Segway does have are 5 gyroscopes, high-powered electric motors, and 10 microprocessors that measure and respond to changes in your body's position 100 times every second. You lean forward, you go forward; you straighten up, you stop; when you lean back, you move back. A twist grip in the left handle bar allows you to steer the Segway or pivot on your own axis. Riding Segway HT is completely intuitive; you could say it really acts like an extension of your own body, allowing you to go further and faster while carrying more. You can travel up to 17 miles on a single charge with a top speed of over 12 miles per hour -about three times faster than you can walk, and to recharge just plug Segway into any standard household outlet.

Segway HT works as a transportation solution when paired with your car. And it also works well around pedestrians, because, underneath all the engineering, Segway HT really is a pedestrian, in large part because the technology is based on the way we walk and balance.

The two wheels move independently and can spin in opposite directions, so you can turn in place. And because it balances at any speed, even standing still, it's almost impossible to tip over. This creates some exciting real-life business possibilities. Right now, Segway HTs are being tested by the US Postal Service, the Boston Police Department, and major corporations like GE, Michelin, and Delphi Automotive. The ways Segway HT can help forward-looking organizations like these more effectively manage time while boosting productivity are virtually unlimited.

International Robotics is particularly excited about the potential of the Segway for the leisure and entertainment industry and its international clientele. So now you've met the Segway Human Transporter. It's what's possible when we aren't bound by the limits of conventional thinking. The Segway Human Transporter is the brainchild of inventor/entrepreneur Dean Kamen.

For more information please visit the official Segway Website


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